Hands-Free Baby Bottle Holder is designed to enhance the feeding time for you, your baby and your family. It provides an extra hand giving you more freedom to interact with your baby. You are now free to read a book, massage and caress your baby, or even enjoy family meals together. Perfect for parents who bottle feed with pumped breast milk or formula.

The Beebo Free Hand Bottle Holder makes it easy for adults to feed a baby a bottle while keeping a hand free for activities like reading a book. It holds a bottle on your chest for you in the perfect position for feeding.
  • The Beebo Free Hand Bottle Holder lets you keep a hand free while you feed your baby a bottle
  • Made to hang over your shoulder and hold a bottle in adjustable positions on your chest for easy feeding
  • Rotatable design points the bottle right where you and your baby want it
  • Can be worn by women or men to feed a hungry baby
  • 50% silicone/40% polyurethane/10% polypropylene
  • Measures 6.9" L x 6.9" W x 6.9" H

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