Keep those memories safe with the cutest and most durable baby tooth keepsake box! Organize and store your baby's teeth and hair for a wonderful trip down memory lane! I wish my mom would have done this! I would have loved to have shown my kids MY baby teeth.

As your child reaches the age of 6 or 7, most body organs have already developed. This is also the time that they start losing baby teeth. It’s an exciting event both for parents and children!

Baby Tooth Keepsake Box

You can write a profile about your child inside the Baby Tooth Keepsake Box Organizer like;  your baby's name,  date of birth,  birth weight,  height,  constellation,  blood type and best wishes for your baby.

There are labels for the different kinds of teeth:  molars,  canines,  incisors and there is a space to save the umbilical cord stump after it falls off and a space for some lanugo hair.

This Baby Tooth Keepsake Box Organizer is made of 100% Handmade New Zealand Imported Pinewood,  durable,  corrosion-resistant, environmentally protective and will not degrade. Suitable for safe long-term dental storage.

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