Saving money never looked so goofy. A great way to save during these difficult times is to cut the hair of your children. The problem -- aside from the uneven bangs and gouged scalps -- is that do-it-yourself styling leaves hair clippings everywhere. Is there some way to keep the house clean while shearing the kids?


Say hello to the Haircut Umbrella! This ingenious clipping-catcher adjusts to any neck size and keeps hair from falling to the floor or getting all itchy inside your kids clothes. Imagine no more sweeping or vacuuming, no more itchy, irritated skin! It also looks as if it might just pick up 200 satellite channels.

Some customer comments about this product:
“So convenient to just empty when you're done with the cutting. No mess no fuss.”
“My sister was amazed by this product. She owns a salon and she has never seen such thing before. She loves it! It is perfect for her when she can use at home every few weeks trimming her daughter and son’s hair. It helps to keep the house clean too!”


Adjust to fit neck
Catch hair clippings before they hit the floor
Prevents hair from getting trapped inside clothing
Lightweight, easy to clean and durable in use
Cut hair anywhere
Folds for easy storage

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