No more boredom for your kids at home.

This Power Balloon Launcher Toy will thrill your kids and boost both their mental & physical development.

Comes as a set of a launcher, cars, balloons, a spaceman, and a rocket. A package of fun and enjoyment for all kids. No batteries needed!


For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The air stored in the balloon pushes the toy car, generating a thrust, the force that pushes the car forward. The air moves backward and the car moves forward – an interesting demonstration of Isaac Newton's third law of motion.


  • Scientific Fun - Keep little ones entertained for hours! Using science, watch the car zoom across the floor or the astronaut fly high by using just balloons. Watch them laugh and smile with joy!
  • Child Development - Encourage and stimulate your child's hands-on skills and development away from mobile, tablet & TV screens. Play for hours with siblings, friends, and family.

Enhances Your Child's Hands-on Abilities 

Your kids' hand manipulation and coordination will be enhanced. The toy allows them to fit a balloon on the toy car and connect it to the launchpad.🎈

They'll then have to press the handle to inflate the balloon and let the car zoom off, or send the spaceman/rocket to space! 🚀 


Boosts Your Child's Science Knowledge!

Great educational toy! It introduces aerodynamic experiments and scientific knowledge to your child.

It'll boost your child's interest & knowledge of science! The best toy to nurture a young future scientist at your home! 

 Best Kids' Gift For Both  Indoor & Outdoor Game Play


A play toy for your kids' games both indoor and outdoor. Suitable as your kid's birthday gift, End Year party gift, & school party gift...🎁


An Innovative Toy With More Ways To Play! 

Designed with upgraded accessories to enhance your kids' excitement. The balloon, car, spaceman, and rocket make it an enriched super toy! 🚙

Your kid can use a launchpad pump or simply use his/her mouth to inflate the balloon and initiate the car race! Many ways to play and enjoy! 

Eco-friendly & Safe For Your Child

Made of eco-friendly, BPA_Free, and Non-Toxic ABS plastic to keep your kids safe. Powered by a balloon, doesn't need hazardous batteries to operate.


Specifications & Features:

  • Easy to Use - No batteries or chargers needed! Simply use the power of air! Simply pump air into the balloons using the pump (included) and watch them fly. Unlike other toys, you'll save money from consistently replacing batteries.
  • Family Bonding - Creates a good bonding for your little ones to interact with others whether it's the mother, brother, or sister. Everyone is able to get involved in the fun make good memories and learning experiences for the children.
  • No batteries required!
  • Ages: 3+ years old
  • Package: 1 x Inflated toy tube + 2 x Car Toys + 2 x Balloons (random colors)
  • Creates Kid's fun-filled play moments for healthy development
  • Child's hands-on abilities and mental development enhanced
  • Instills scientific knowledge on your kid
  • Allows kids to play both indoor & outdoor
  • Safe, Easy to play & enriched with exciting gaming options
  • Best gift toy for your child's birthday party, new year party, school party, etc.

How To Use:


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