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This summer give your baby the best and the coolest gift ever.

This infant swim float is perfect for babies and toddlers to begin safely experiencing the water with mom or dad. Each Mambo children's float product is designed to teach your baby and toddlers how to swim and help them gain confidence in the water safely. These infant swimming floats are airless, so you don't need to worry about punctures or inflating when it's a tie to let your little sunshine go for a splash in the water. Each baby float meets European safety standards with its 5 points securing harness and anti-flip design.


The world-renowned float now comes with an optional UV-proof canopy to protect your baby's sensitive skin from harsh sun rays while they're blissfully floating about.


This product is designed to teach your baby how to swim and help them gain confidence in the water safely. They are airless so you don't need to worry about punctures or inflating and meet European safety standards with its 5 points securing harness and anti-slip design.


  • New Pearlfoam Technology: This baby swim float has the PearlFoam™ body inside, which no need to worry about air leaks. 


  • 5-Point Safety Buckle: Designed to keep your baby safe and avoid slipping. Two straps wrap around the waist, one around each shoulder and one around the crotch. Adjustable straps ensure your baby is safe and comfortable.


  • High-Quality Materials: The 2019 Mambo™ Baby Float is made with the greatest attention to detail and with high-quality, eco-friendly materials. The top head of the float is made in a way that the baby can rest its head when the neck needs a break.


  • EN13138-1 Water Safety Certified: Rigorously tested to meet the European EN13138-1 water safety standards.


  • New Premium Waterproof Skin: Our new 2019 version is wrapped in waterproof, breathable skin which helps ensure the Pearlfoam stays dry inside and extends the overall durability of the baby float. Constructed to be baby skin-friendly.


  • Anti-Flip Design: With widened armrests and a comfortable 40-degree angle for your baby's head to rest on, our baby float swim trainer is designed to greatly reduce the risk of flipping.


  • UV proof Canopy - Protect your baby from the harsh UV rays and keep your baby feeling cool as they enjoy their relaxing float!


  • Professional Breaststroke 40 degrees: Cultivate your baby's correct swimming posture.


  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • Not sold in any retail stores.
  • Exclusive to BIBZON Co ONLY.



How Do I Secure The Mambo Float To My Baby?

  1. Unlock the baby infant swim float buckles.

  2. Place the baby in the middle face forward and down.

  3. Wrap and close the side wings on baby float around their back.

  4. Adjust the strap tightness around the waist of baby in float.

  5. Adjust the bottom crotch straps for tightness to fit the child securely.

  6. Let your infant or toddler begin to swim in their new safety swimming float!

Is It Safer Than Traditional Float Rings?

Absolutely. It uses an innovative 5 point secure buckle system combined with a double-lock design under the crotch area to properly secure the baby as well as keeping them upright to prevent tip-over/flipping. There is simply no other baby float in the world as safe as ours, as complies with world-class safety standards (AU, US, CA, UK/EU).

Is The Canopy & Tail-Fin Easily Detachable?

Of course, it's secured with velcro straps and quickly folds away for easy storage. It's easily usable with and without the canopy for indoor and outdoor use!

Does It Ever Leak Or Get Damaged Easily?

Nope! It utilizes our patented PearlFoam technology combined with a tough exterior cover which ensures it will last for years to come! It can even withstand the weight of a car with no deformations or damage at all. That means no more leaks, punctures or blowing!


    • Pay attention that the baby should use it under the parents' supervision at all times.
    • Recommended age: All infants up from 3 months - 2 years old
    • Weight Limit: 22kgs Max (48lbs)


    • 1x Mambo Baby Water Float Ring - Swim Trainer (Canopy Optional)


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