Surprise your kids with their very own Christmas tree!

If your kids are too young to join in decorating the Christmas tree why not get their own? This felt tree is a great way for your younglings to experience what Christmas is all about!

Hang felt tree at a reachable place for your kids and let their creative minds go wild with decorating candy corns, snowflakes, and all manner of festive decorations.

Christmas is even more fun when everybody can join in the decorative process. Once it's done put up their wonderful creation for all to see.

Complete the festive experience with felt tree!

Why kids felt tree is for you

  • Only for the kids- Finally, a Christmas tree only for kids to decorate! Now, you won't have to leave your kids out of the Christmas preparations!
  • Full of creativity- felt tree has various decorations your kids use to create the most creative Christmas yet!
  • Promote their efforts- When felt tree is fully decorated, hang it on the wall so everyone can see your kid's creativity!
  • Felt tree is the ultimate choice- Get your kids their very own Christmas tree and let's see who will get Santa's presents!

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