• Mouthing is a means for exploration, as well as a means for calming. For newborns sucking is calming, Mimi the mushroom is perfect for your baby to hold with hand and explore with the mouth. Breast and nipple shape helps make the baby feel familiar and safer to chow on.
  • Through sucking on the nipple of mushroom, your baby's tongue gains more control over movement inside the mouth, also the movement works the muscles that open and close the jaw, which will be good for speech development, also helps with better feeding.
  • Small and lightweight, easy for baby to hold and safely explore in the front, middle and back of the mouth without making baby gag.
  • Using Mimi the mushroom, the mushroom will not be in the mouth during sleep since the baby cannot hold it, make sure the baby gets their mouth closed and breathe with the nose, which is better and healthier.
  • Your baby starts to gain more control on bring toys to the mouth around 2-3 months before that parent can help to withhold. When it comes to 3-4 months, baby begins to grasp objects and the bite reflex starts, mushroom can be a waning teether from sucking to bite. Not recommended for 6m+ babies.

Christmas baby gift


Give breast feeding mom a break, please

Daddy can sooth babies, too!

Mimi mushroom breast&nipple shaped soothing teether

Give mommy a break

Hold the baby in breast feeding position if needed. Hold the mushroom and put the nipple into the baby's mouth for sucking.

Daddy can do the job

Play some soft. or hair dryer like sound, puddle the baby while she/he sucks on the mushroom

With a mimi mushroom

It is designed according to breast & nipple shape, makes baby feels familiar and secure to suck on. Also it is made of BPA free, super soft skin like silicone.


Mimi Mushroom Is Much More than A soother Or a Teether!

as a pacifier

Works as a pacifier

It is softer than a pacifier, and the shape is more like mom's breast and nipple, works excellent as a soother especially for those breastfeeding babies.

prevent thumb sucking

Prevent thumb sucking

Little hands cimpletely inside the mushroom, leaves no chance for baby to sck on thumbs or fist

Replace suffering of mom's nipple

Pulling nipples on musroom instead of mom's nipple

See how much the baby can pull the nipple of the mushroom, that is how hurt it can be for a mom. 10 out of 100 babies will pull the mushroom nipples like this.

soothing teething itch

Relieve teething discomfort

From 3 months, teeth start to grow inside, but for 0-6 months babies, all they can do is sucking. So they start to rub on the mushroom, through rubbing and pulling to relieve teething discomfort.

We are all parents, we care about every mombella baby's safety and happiness as much as we care for our own baby.

Thanks for all your support!


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