Protect your baby from accidents in his most¬†delicate years ūüĎ∂



Toddlers are at risk of a common elbow injury called nursemaid’s elbow. Do you often train your toddler to walk by holding their arms?

Our Baby Walker Assistant was specifically designed to directly solve this problem by preventing any strain or risk of injury in their arms on their early development years as they learn to walk. 



Your baby will be able to learn to stand, balance, & walk naturally with free hands! 

To help your baby along this new exciting path of development and discovery, our Baby Walker allows your little one to walk at their own pace without the fears of falling down. This confidence will quickly and naturally develop into walking independently. 

It fits comfortably around your baby and extends up to an easy helping handle from the mother or father. The perfect tool to help your baby stay on their feet while exploring and learning how to walk.

No More Backpain For You!

Parents, we didn't forgot about you either!
Make your life easier and say goodbye to those piercing backaches from leaning and bending over while holding your baby’s hands. 

With this walking assistant, you can easily assist your baby’s walking without breaking your back.

Enjoy more quality time together and practice walking for a very long duration!

Multi-functional! Easy Pull & Lift!


Now you can pull and lift your baby safely in 3 phases and 4 baby-walking states! No baby falls. When just beginning, Lift-with-Crotch,  for standing baby, Lift-without-Crotch,  when walking unsteadily, Pull-with-Crotch, and for a self-walking baby, Pull-without-Crotch! 

Truly Multi-functional! Easy on your baby & easily functional for you!

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  • Package; 1x Baby Handheld Walker
  • Ages: 6-36 months
  • Maximum weight support: 44 lbs
  • Material:¬†¬†Polyester fiber mesh cloth & Cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • Detachable bottom, adjustable straps
  • Delivery - Around 2-4 weeks.

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