There’s a ton of gear, an overwhelming amount of options and everything looks so incredibly cute. But do you need it? No, not all of them. I scrutinized 5 baby products every mom must-have for their babies. I will also provide the link from where you can easily buy these products at a very cheap price.

This is the first and the best product I recommend for your baby. This is the safest way to start introducing to solid foods. Sometimes babies are fussy sometimes they are irritated; this pacifier also works as a teether. You put some fruit slices in this baby pacifier and your baby will be calm in a minute and gets all the nutrients he/she wants. I am telling this with my own experience

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If you feel pain in your back, neck or arms while carrying your baby then this product is definitely for you. The carrier fits around your waist and acts as a seat for your baby. It evenly distributes your Baby’s weight so you don’t have to constantly adjust your position time after time.

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This Soothing swing is a bit expensive but very helpful. This cozy swing can help your fussy infant settle down, or entertain your child with a moving mobile and 16 different songs and nature sounds. It also has the option to swing front-to-back or side-to-side, for babies who definitely know what direction they want to go.

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If your baby keeps waking up at night then this bed is for you. This baby bed mimics the shape of the female uterus which helps the baby to sleep for a long time. It also prevents the baby from flat head syndrome. My doctor also recommends this portable baby bed for my baby.

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If you travel a lot with your baby then this Diaper bag is for you. This is the mother of all baby bags out there on the net. It has huge storage capacity. It has a large center storage pocket, multiple side-wall pockets, zippered pockets on outer walls, front pocket includes compartments for bottles and formula etc and etc..

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